the consulting activities

The board in MV2 IMPULSE

The consultant is qualified expert consultant, performs the mission from start to finish and works according to the rules of art.

 Sustainable Development 

you want to set yourself apart from your competition and think green supply chain

 you want to know the impact on your carbon footprint supplies 

certifications and OAS SQAS 

you want to implement the AEO certification, we are ready to assist you in putting together an application for Customs

 transport of dangerous goods 

as advisor to the transport of dangerous goods we can assume this function in your business or help you write papers are internal procedures  optimization of flow-warehouses 

you want to use only the space needed for storage,

you want to engage your customers with minimum kilometers and thus act on the carbon balance.

Some examples of successful projects:

Sizing study and take or buy a car door cars for the particular activity of the automotive industry

 Improving the competitiveness of the company                  

Optimization of spare parts warehouse                 

Drafting a standard contract of commercial agent      


Writing procedures as part of transport of dangerous goods, rail safety certificate,

safety SQAS approach.

 pre-audit of the logistics business in inward. perimeter:

the storage - transportation - Customs and taxes associated

audit of a strategic repositioning of impact with more polluting modes of transport on an activity subject to CO2 quotas.

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